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Alumina and aluminium market balance again

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A. Market supply and demand changeDue to a weak market, the west was forced to shut down some smelters home, but given the global supply chain to balance, causing the bauxite and alumina market demand and prices continue to rise.The main reason for the rise is the demand from China, while other countries and regions of the world, he had even less.According to ihs Inc price and purchase department said Joan mott sol, research director, including a factor on the supply side of China, in particular, in Indonesia banned exports since the start of the run of mine ore, which purpose is to encourage more smelters home investment in factories in Indonesia, is bound to affect the alumina market than those of nickel, tin and copper more shortage.At the same time, the United States is located in Cleveland, lloyds company engaged in research on the north coast of senior analysts as Mr Carroll points out, Rio Tinto (Rio Tinto) company is located in northern Australia legowo alumina refineries in the closed this year will further lead to the shortage of alumina supply, especially outside China market more shortage.But he added that bauxite from legowo production will may be actively promoted to smelting factory in China, so at least in the near future will ease some of the alumina market pressure.According to the < > metal guides research aluminum research analyst cao Yang believes that 2013 even if global alumina demand increased, but mostly from China's growth as high as 14.6%, as well as the African growth of about 10%.And the Middle East and North America also increased by 5.2% and 5.2% respectively.Latin America, by contrast, a fall in demand for alumina 7% last year, which also resulted in alumina production in Brazil starts.And in addition to outside China in Asia, central and eastern Europe and Australia alumina consumption declines have reached more than 5%, the main reason is that these areas closed some aluminium smelting factory.But Yang cao predicted that in 2014 China and other countries and regions of the world demand of alumina will be increased by 7.7% and 7.7% respectively.Weak economic growth in other parts of the world's main cause is a decline in North America and central and eastern Europe, because magnesium aluminum (Alcoa) and aluminum (key party) companies continue to cut capacity.However, while the area of alumina demand fell, but still can't offset in addition to China's growth, and growth of India and Saudi Arabia.2. The Middle East market for aluminaAccording to Rio tinto Alcan (Alcan) chief business officer, Wisconsin jaquith, points out that, with the completion of a batch of new aluminum production capacity, in the Middle East, especially it is worth noting that the horse Alcoa joint venture Eden conglomerates were completed and put into operation, will make the shortage of raw material such as aluminum oxide and alumina into net market.It is understood that some program not only increase India's refining capacity, and this will also increase development of alumina bauxite production capacity.Even so, for a long time in the Middle East market shortage of alumina and the alumina market has.According to Mr Carroll thinks, the main reason is India's first because it is very lack of cheap power supply support smelting production.And the country's domestic political turmoil is often encountered trouble in operation.However, despite the global alumina production growth in recent years, but the market supply and demand is still excessive too.And forecast in the next three years continue to excess., carol, estimated as the production of aluminum fall over control of alumina production in last year's excess amount roughly maintain this year of about 2.7 million tons.In fact the future would still be alumina market or excessive too.But does not rule out until sufficient alumina capacity and reasonable matching aluminium productivity level, is likely to make alumina market supply and demand into balance., carol said, before this he had predicted the 2014 world alumina market supply and demand will be 400000 tons of hole.But some factors make him re-evaluate predict, is not only lower than that of the original expect aluminum production growth, also includes more than expected capacity under control.And as China continues to import alumina smelting alumina at home, thereby increasing self-sufficiency rate of alumina.In addition, another cause of the alumina market surplus is, many big mining companies believe that maximum value is the upstream product alumina and aluminium industry bauxite.So they pay more attention to intensive production, and do not need to be refined and smelting.Even from 2012 to 2015 global aluminium production capacity increased by 28%, with nearly normal growth from China.But the aluminum producer common financial efficiency is low.Which is more than 40% of the industry production loss, even in the case of aluminum price is $1800 a tonne.Besides, in the first half of this year prices once fell to the level of only about $1700, and a new low of nearly four years.And the price level, even some of China's aluminium producers to shut down some of the older and the high cost of equipment.It is understood that not long ago, an American aluminium producer Mr Matt company (Ormet) proposed in chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and looking forward to his Hannibal and Ohio smelting plant sales.In Chicago, meanwhile, century aluminum company will suspend its Chablis and Kentucky smelter, the plant equipment purchased from Rio tinto alcan company, unless the company can get the Kentucky public service commission power supply agreement, is likely to make the company survive in the world market for a long time in the future.3. More smelting equipment will be shut downOther countries and regions of the world will also have some smelting factories may be shut down.Including some of China's coastal and central regions, the central government wants to stimulate the national economy from traditional based on export economy shifted to focus on strengthening domestic demand.Mr Carroll said, "this is one of the traditional wisdom, smelting factory in Europe due to high power consumption, and therefore at risk.At least in the near term given the price of electricity characteristics of strange, in Western Europe and the European Union rules for strengthening the wind.And in Brazil and Australia, smelters home was shut down due to high cost of risk.Actually Alcoa recently announced that it will permanently shut down its located in Victoria, Australia's Boeing Henry smelters.
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