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Sanshui aluminum industrial structure should be from low to high added value

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In the 1980 s, the aluminum industry in the surrounding area industry got rapid development, in the tide of transfer now sanshui foshan has become after the south China sea, the city of zen, and the town of aluminum industries.But high energy consumption, had not significant economic benefit is still prominent contradictions of sanshui aluminum industry.Ongoing transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is imperative, sanshui sanshui, the aluminum industry adjustment promote development way to research, to explore how to find a new way to adapt to the development of aluminum industry, seek a higher level of development.Aluminum production accounted for 10.4% of the whole districtRapid development from scratch to, to a resources and environment restriction and to increase the intensity of structural adjustment, aluminum industry walk down along the trajectory has more than 30 years, has developed into a pillar industry of sanshui.Sanshui aluminum industry in recent years to keep more than 30% growth, 2013 gross industrial output value of 26.86 billion yuan, accounting for 10.4% of the total industrial output value of the whole district.Area by the relevant person in charge of branch bureau said that aluminum industry is highly concentrated industry, leading enterprises in power and high-profile, drive the industry remain stable growth.Sanshui basic there is no capacity is less than ten thousand tons of aluminum enterprises, the phoenix aluminum, xingfa, Macao beauty and wide into aluminum, Luo Xiang five output value of the enterprise, but also occupy the output value is about eighty percent of the whole industry, large enterprises with advanced technology, stable market share, higher have maintained good growth and ability to resist risks.Although sanshui aluminum industry fast growth, industry concentration degree is high, the number of known, but that can't ignore the most from foshan sanshui aluminum enterprises in other parts of the aluminum enterprises transfer or expansion, which inherited the foshan sanshui aluminum industry aluminum in domestic advantages and disadvantages.The chief says, sanshui aluminum industry is still low value-added products structure, large energy consumption, craft level is uneven.Industrial material or into a new growth pointSanshui aluminum industry development bottleneck not only by themselves, also by the real estate market.Sanshui, the aluminum industry adjustment promote development way "(draft) (hereinafter referred to as" the promotion development way ") the data shows, sanshui mainly extrusion construction profiles, industrial aluminum low proportion was only 20%, far below the national level.But high added value of industrial aluminum is aluminum industry."Industrial aluminum is higher than building aluminum profits at least 2 times."Phoenix aluminum aluminum production and technical department manager, marks the phoenix aluminum aluminum in earlier is still in the fluctuation of real estate market, has begun to gradually expand the product line, the production in the electronic, aviation, rail transit can be applied in such fields as industrial aluminium profile.The transformation of phoenix aluminum aluminum is actually a miniature of the domestic aluminum industry development trend.Survey data show that at present, China's industrial aluminum extrusions total are only about 30%;During the same period of Europe, North America and Japan industrial consumption ratio reached 60%, 55% and 55%, respectively, in the next 10 years, industrial profiles of aluminum are always proportion will be close to 70%.A series of digits, lurks a industrial profiles of market opportunities.The ascending development way is put forward, sanshui should promote the adjustment of industrial structure, vigorously develop high value-added, high level of profits tax, industrial aluminum products, sanshui most aluminum enterprises have the equipment industrial aluminum production capacity, sanshui should make full use of favorable conditions, to further increase investment in related technology research and development, to speed up the market development, promote product upgrades.Innovation driven company to quality, and the quantityIn addition to industrial aluminium profile, new type building material, high added value extruded aluminum automotive spare parts products, daily aluminum products, new energy use aluminum extrusion and other aluminum products with high added value, and sanshui plans to encourage aluminum enterprise development direction of ascension.But notable is, high value-added products and innovation ability of enterprise complement each other, sanshui aluminum enterprises still need to focus on innovation drive.Wide into aluminum template to preempt the domestic aluminum market opportunities, and last year China construction science research institute established cooperation "- to build China construction science research institute research technology widely and aluminum mold research and development center", dedicated to develop aluminum template products.Broadly into the relevant person in charge of aluminium said, to the pursuit of high value-added products, implement differentiation in the fierce market competition, must rely on technological innovation.In terms of sanshui currently, must strengthen the aluminum enterprise innovation ability, still need to strengthen the development of the unity between upstream and downstream industry chain, and improve the innovation environment, encourage enterprises to innovation.The ascending development way, sanshui will explore productivity promotion center, industry association should play the role of positive, in the form of bidding to implement common key technological breakthrough.
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